Perrin Waldock bio photo By Perrin Waldock

Ever wanted to work for the UFV Physics Department? Read on!


The UFV Physics Department is seeking qualified applicants interested in helping Physics faculty provide outreach to local high schools to help instil a love of Physics and Engineering to the next generation of budding scientists. The position would require contacting local schools to set up suitable times for visitations, at which both Physics faculty and the successful candidate would engage the students in answering any questions they may have about careers in Physics, or about physics at the university level in general. As part of the visit, the student would be required to put together a compelling presentation, complete with demonstrations of physics in action. This would be a terrific opportunity for a student interested in pursuing teaching after they complete their degree, or simply those who love to talk about, and demonstrate the beauty of physics to those not yet under its spell.


The successful candidate should have a background in physics, and should have completed at least some second year physics or engineering courses. As the position also involves presentations, the candidate should be comfortable speaking in front of large groups, and answering questions. In addition, some familiarity with physics experiments and demonstrations will be required, as well as the ability to research and design some compelling applications of physics in action. An enthusiastic love of physics is essential, as is the ability to instil that enthusiasm into a younger audience. So good communication skills are a must.

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