ASIA Sumas: Rube Goldberg Machine

Josha Ho bio photo By Josha Ho

One of the greatest pleasures we have at UFV is being able to connect with schools in the community around us. A great example of this is the year-long project just completed with the Abbotsford School for the Integrated Arts (ASIA).

The project consisted of converting the entire school into a "Rube Goldberg" machine, an over-engineered device to do a simple task. This turned into an exercise in modular planning, inter-disiplinary collaboration, and applied physics and engineering.

Over the nine months of the project execution, students from UFV regularly visited classrooms and groups at ASIA. Our role was to give insight into ways to execute student ideas, and provide assistance with testing and troubleshooting. Students would have a clear vision of what they wanted to do (for example, a sequence that told the story of “The Wizard of Oz”), but couldn’t quite figure out the technical details in order to provide the seamless motion needed for the machine.

Check out the final product by clicking through to YouTube below!