Perrin Waldock bio photo By Perrin Waldock

NOTE: This event has been postponed due to the campus closure on September 28.

The Standard Model of particle physics has been an enormously successful description of the subatomic world. Despite this, experimental observations hint strongly that something is needed beyond the Standard Model. One such observation is that the Universe requires some form of additional mass, which we call dark matter. Models with a single additional large electroweak scalar multiplet provide a simple extension of the Standard Model. Such models may also provide a natural dark matter candidate. It is then of great interest to determine what constraints, if any, are to be placed on these models. In this talk, I will use a combination of theoretical requirements and experimental results to determine the dark matter prospects of the large multiplet models. -Terry Pilkington

Dark matter presents a confounding mystery to modern physicists. We know that it exists, but don’t know what it is. Dr. Terry Pilkington completed his undergrad at UFV before earning his PhD by researching dark matter, trying to shed some light on this dark secret. Go to Room A353 (UFV Abbotsford Campus) on September 28 from 5:30-6:30pm to learn more.

Oh, and there’ll be free food!