About the PSA

About the PSA

Who We Are

The Physics Student Association is a democratic organization which holds elections once per year. The structure is made of 3-5 executive members, and a varying amount of representative positions, depending on need.


Annabelle Czihaly Halen Davies Catherine Laflamme Madisyn Taylor Jose Toffoli
President Annabelle Czihaly, VP Academic Halen Davies, VP Social Catherine Laflamme, Secretary Madisyn Taylor, and Treasurer Jose Toffoli

Past Executives

Perrin Waldock Nikola Trotzuk Rebecca Gourde Fraser Forbes Jason Ho: President 2011-2013 Josha Ho: President 2015-2016 Etienne Dreyer: Vice-President 2013-2015 Charlie Watson: President 2009-2011
Caroline Dearden: President 2013-2015 Ryan Chowdry: President 2016-2017 Fraser Forbes Kaitlyn Collantes: Treasurer 2020-2021 Garrett Paddon: VP Academic 2020-2021

Interested in getting involved with the Physics Student Association?

The PSA has numerous ongoing initiatives during the semester on and off campus to learn more outside of the classroom environment and build your portfolio. Send us an email and we’ll connect you with something great!

The UFV PSA is a registered student association under the University of the Fraser Valley Student Union Society. As such, we are governed by a democratic constitution.

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